Residential Inspection

Paul Wiederhold, The Roof Master, is a Haag Engineering Certified Residential Roof Inspector who has installed and repaired hundreds of new roofs including; slate, tile, copper, flat membrane, shingle and metal. As a former installer, he is uniquely qualified to conduct professional third party inspections on all types of roof and gutter systems.

Home inspections often call for “further evaluation” by a qualified roofer. Smart brokers, buyers and sellers call The Roof Master for a professional opinion. Rather than depending on an installation roofer’s “inspection” or bid for work they hope to perform and profit from, a HAAG certified roof assessment provides an unbiased independent evaluation of current condition, potential remaining life, and recommended solutions.  The Roof Master provides detailed reports including; photos, damage evaluation & conclusions, and repair/replacement options and recommendations.

Insurance companies require roof inspections for damage and are increasingly demanding pre-binder inspections for new policies and renewals.  The Roof Master conducts independent insurance assessments and, as a historic roof specialist, is unique qualified to walk delicate roof surfaces without damage while providing an unbiased expert opinion on roof system condition.  As a former installer of shingles, slate, tile, copper, flat membrane and metal, Paul understands the industry from all viewpoints and can provide an expert evaluation.  Whether assessing hail & wind damage, a fraud claim, conducting a ladder assist or completing a pre-binder inspection, The Roof Master provides detailed reports with photographic evidence.

Thinking about a replacing your specialty roof? For an unbiased neutral third party roof assessment when considering an expensive roof replacement, call The Roof Master first.  Having installed or serviced hundreds of slate, tile, copper, asbestos shingle, concrete, flat membrane and metal roofs, the Roof Master provides an independent evaluation of your current roof’s condition, remaining life, and repair or replacement options.  Slate, tile, metal and asbestos roof systems can be “lifetime”.  Don’t let someone talk you into throwing this asset away before you have an independent expert evaluation.

I am a local REALTOR® who values contractors who can inspect and provide valuable reports to clients. Paul does an outstanding job. Clients have used his service for tile roof reports that no one else seems to have the expertise to provide. I recommend Paul with confidence that clients will get the most professional opinion in a timely manner.

Mary Jo Eskritt

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