Project Management

Installing or replacing a roof?  Insufficient time to oversee the process?  Paul Wiederhold, is available to represent the property owner and oversee the details of any new roof installation; residential or commercial.

Defining the scope of work and obtaining bids are the first and often most important steps in a successful project.  The roof master can draft the scope of work for your new roof and/or gutter system to provide to roof installers who bid your project.  Bids based on a clearly defined scope of work will be “apples to apples” rather than each contractor providing a bid for different roofing materials, fasteners, and installation methods. With bids in hand, the Roof Master can help you to select the most qualified installer and reach a satisfactory contract for installation.

New roof installation is not everyone’s specialty and can be difficult to supervise from the ground. The Roof Master is a HAAG certified residential and commercial roof inspector experienced in new roof installation and repairs of all types. He can inspect throughout or for any part of the removal, dry in, and installation process to assure that manufacturer standards are applied to warrantable levels, and that industry best practices are followed on your Asheville, Hendersonville or greater Western North Carolina home.

Old World Masters is a constant resource for Leslie and Assoc., Inc. for roofing needs. We depend on Paul Wiederhold to review all roofing jobs, to inspect and preform minor repairs, and to provide a spec bid sheet for roof replacements that all bidders must use for their bids. Once a bid is accepted, Paul inspects the roof tear off, deck repairs, and installation to insure the bid specs are followed as outlined. This is the way we have been able to insure roof bids are comparable and installations are followed according to the spec sheet. None better than Old World Masters and Paul Wiederhold.

Tom Leslie

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